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No Shuffling, no pink fuzzy slippers


This teaching offers encouragement and ministry to those in or are facing there own fiery trials.

The world can be a scary place sometimes. In the midst of death, there is life, it can't be managed or controlled but received. If you say " Yes" to this invitation called "Life" those , if you are willing to see and receive this life, it will grow in you and stretch you and change you and sometimes scare you.... And in the end, life will issue from you. Those who have welcomed Christ can welcome death... because in death there are no periods, only commas.

Also available online webinar class and workbook


Grief – Living life when tragedy hits


Real Life's stories, Mary Pat Jones - author, speaker, teacher and entrepreneur gives direction and what many of us focus on, really the all and all to what our life will look like.

I call it "creative footage...a story unfolding".

The Word says in Isaiah 26:3:

...that those whose eyes are stayed on the Lord will have perfect peace.

I found that to be true in the deepest darkest place I had ever been in, coming out with my senses intact.


Biblical Insights to food and related issues


This Teaching exposes the error in much of what is taught about diet and health and compares it to what is found in the bible. This teaching comes out of 25 years of eating disorders and then "managed" eating- in spite of all of the Mary Pat's training.

My education brought "health" or so I thought when in reality it was a slow suicide. The life of eating disorders was the best numbness of any drug or alcohol that I had had been on. It was a very private, hidden addiction that kept me focused on " me, myself and I." (self pity) A lie that was destructive to the REAL relationship with "God, myself and others."

"Appearing healthy" does not always mean we have a good self-image. Countless people struggle with trying to meet not only the expectations they have put on themselves but those that they have received as truth from others. With so much emphasis on that "being everything", it is important to identify early what is behind the search for attention and perfection.

Available for Live Speaking, and CD formats. Order now by emailing us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 706-646-4908


"Walking Through Fiery Trials "- A year of Loss, learning and faith.


After experiencing a sudden and tragic loss, Mary Pat Jones began a journey that she did not she was prepared to take. She really did not believe it could get worse, but it did. The personal losses that may have destroyed someone else only made her more determined to keep walking. Stopping was not an option. She had been there before in other events in her life. She was not going down this time.

As she walked, she realized it was not just about her, but an opportunity to represent God to others in the midst of tragedy.

Walking through Fiery Trials is her story of this challenging journey through death and its torment, and faith and its triumph. She shares her heart with gut-wrenching transparency. With a raw, unedited candor, she exposes her weaknesses and how she was able to keep her faith and trust in God as she walked through the fiery trials. This story will challenge your own faith and the importance of knowing who you really are when your world is shaken.

Book available online or at Barringer Publisher


"Addictions - Recovery is a defrosting process."


In addictions, I learned that numbness is great to prevent the pain and depression I felt. It took me years to realize that numb works for walking through life unfazed but numb also keeps out the laughter and joy as well. Numb is dumb. I speak publicly and freely as part of my own personal recovery to encourage others in their walk. Recovery is a defrosting process.


Primary and Secondary PTSD


This is a topic that touches and is customized on several levels. Veterans dealing with the tragedy of war times, disability and loss. Workshops that have hands on methods of living in a world that is not designed to make for safety and facing personal challenges that come with rehabilitation and disability.

Classes for the families of the injured veterans Learn how to walk with and through firey trials of loss and began in surviving them.. together.

Teaching Workshops available on location or in Georgia at Stillmeadows Cabins

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