Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Our folks were OVERJOYED at the Homecoming festival


Good afternoon, Rick & Mary Pat!

I just want to thank you both so very much for the hospitality and love which you showed to our church family yesterday. Our folks were overjoyed (did I say..."OVERJOYED"!!) at the Homecoming festival. You both just ooze kindheartedness because of the love of our Savior Jesus that reigns in your lives.

Thank you for accomodating all the set-ups, and the many hours of preparation that you spent in making this happen.

Love you both, and I hope you have a blessed, blessed week! Keith j  







As a writer and filmmaker, I look in life for stories that inspire, teach, open our eyes and open our hearts. Few accomplish as much as Mary Pat’s heartbreaking accounts of her personal tragedies and her journey after. The greatest of faith and success come from the most difficult of challenges and this story can teach us all more about our own lives in every wonderful word we read. God bless this family and the lives that they touch.

David Venghaus


Three Rivers Assembly of God


In a day when many are confronted with tragedy and loss, God has raised up Mary Pat Jones for such a time as this to be a pillar of hope and light to the brokenhearted.

Mary Pat is a dear friend who possesses an ability to deposit life and truth into one's spirit and impart spiritual strength to those in captivity through her gift of teaching and descernment.



Teaching - Be in Health


I went to Be in Health in 2007 and you were one the teachers that touched my heart since I could relate so much of my own past addictions with yours.

I was there this morning and your testimony left me inspired and once again you have touched my heart in more ways than you can imagine.

You are an incredible woman of God and I am blessed to have had the day off from work (I usually have to work Sundays) to hear you speak.

While I shed many tears while you were describing what you have been thru I shed tears knowing how strong you are and how I can use you in my own circumstances.

Once again I thank you for you a wonderful daughter of our Lord and Savior. And the music you played was incredible.



Program Director, Central Florida Paralyzed Veterans of America


I found the story to be very moving and a great testimonial to ones faith when a huge adversity takes place. I too am paralyzed, so I was able to relate to both sides of the story.

~Michael Combs
Program Director,Central Florida Paralyzed Veterans of America


Pastor, The Upper Room, author and musician


I encourage you to read this book and find out what enables Mary Pat able to handle and endure,with such great courage such a trial as this, and stay in faith against such challenging times. Because we all go through fiery trials this side of Heaven and this book will help provide some of the tools and insights we really need to be able to handle the things of this present world. Well done Mary Pat and Stacey!

~Caspar McCloud
Pastor,The Upper Room, author and musician (Ministry of Three)


My sister read this and loved it


My sister read this and loved it. It ministered to her in a way that nothing else has. Believe me, I've been witnessing to her for decades.

The section on the husband as a covering really spoke to her heart and opened the doors for me to share the Lord with her again. I pray the book ministers to others lost loved ones in the same. Bringing clarity, hope and salvation unto them and glory to our great God.

Suzy W.


Mary Pat's book is my constant companion


Mary Pat's book is my constant companion while sitting in the waiting rooms at the Duke University Clinic and Hospital. It has already been a very real blessing to me while I become a trained lung transplant caregiver to my husband John. He is now listed for a bi-lateral lung transplant here at Duke University Hospital in Durham, NC. Thank You so much Mary Pat for going through the journey again and giving so much of yourself for us.


Listen to your nudges


Susan posted to Deborah

Thank you for inviting me to meet Mary Pat last night and to hear her extraordinary story. She is even more delightful and inspiring than you could possibly describe and it is quite obvious that the Spirit flows through her heart. She is one of those people who you just want to be near always.

For others in the DFW area over the next several days - you don't want to miss an opportunity to miss out on hearing Mary Pat. It will fill your heart with peace and authentic joy. Listen to your nudges and don't miss this great opportunity.


For My Life online class


Hi Mary Pat,

I met you in October 2010 when you ministered to me one on one at the For My Life Class. I don’t expect you to remember me, as I am sure you have ministered to hundreds of people during your time at Be in Health. I could really relate to you, as drivenness and perfectionism have been big issues in my life and I remember you sharing that those are things that you have had to resist in the past. My husband and I recently did the For My Life online class and I was delighted that a number of sessions were taught by you, as the way you teach really minsters to me.

Don't ever under estimate the impact that those archives have on people who might not be able to be on the call. Please keep posting them on the net. They are wonderful.

Greetings from Australia.
Bless you.


5.0 out of 5 stars


5.0 out of 5 stars October 10, 2011
By C. Lopez (Miami, Florida United States)

Walking Through Fiery Trials (Kindle Edition) Reading this book keeps you motivated to move through whatever you may be going in your life. I liked how personal it gets and how detailed the description of the characters is, it lets you better imagine them and identify yourself with all that they went through, not only Mary Pat. The book reflects Mary Pat's strong Christian faith, and even though I'm an agnostic, I can relate to her trials and thank her for sharing them, anyone can benefit from reading her story, no matter what your beliefs may be.

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