Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Creative Footage...a story unfolding

Mary Pat Jones
Author, Speaker, Teacher and Entrepreneur

Creative Footage is an organization that evolved out of tragedy but is willed to serve others through it. The concept for Creative Footage includes anything that "creates footage" and tells a story through life's experiences. It is making a choice of what the next line or the next chapter might say about life and then sharing it with others.

The corporation is open for growth for anything that God might put in our heart to help bring forth life and life more abundantly. In other words, blessed, broken and given away.

Creative Footage want to know what are you "writing" today?


Mary Pat is the author of the book "Walking Through Fiery Trials", the story of her journey of pain, mixed with hope and love. The reality isn't glossed over, but shared honestly along with how God met her.

Speaker and teacher:

  • The teaching entitled "No Shuffling, No Pink Fuzzy Slippers" that comes out of the writing of her book offers encouragement and ministry to those in their fiery trials.
  • "Biblical Insights to Food and Related Issues" is another teaching she has available in response to her own history with eating disorders/addictions. After many years of study she believes most food issues are spiritually rooted and that nutritional training contains much deception. This teaching is available on CD and DVD.

She is available to share her insights at conferences, professional organizations, churches and other venues to those who request. Her lively and heartfelt presentation style bypasses strong mindsets and through her sharing of her own issues opens the door to allow others to come out of bondage and hopelessness.

Mary Pat Jones has her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Science from Virginia Tech. She is also a Registered Dietitian and has consulted in a wide variety of medical and community settings. She held the position of Director of the Dietetic Internship program at Virginia Tech and later became Director of Treatment and Case Management for juvenile offenders with a national non-profit organization. She graduated from the New Hope School of Ministries in Naples, FL. Mary Pat has 12 years of ministry experience, and was an instructor with Be In Health Global Ministry. Currently, she is working as a Registered Dietitian for those on dialysis. She and her husband, Rick also do a variety of speaking engagements across the United States.


  • Mary Pat has many years of ministry experience. She and her husband, Rick are eager to participate in any opportunity to share God’s Word and their testimonies. They have participated in a wide range of agritourism and farming activities, train service dogs for those in wheelchairs and train and match dogs for veterans for the Pets for Vets organization. This continues their concept of "creative footage."
  • Creative Footage Inc.TM offers an ADA accessible home in Sanford FL for others growth and recovery while "creating footage".

After experiencing a sudden and tragic loss, Mary Pat Jones began a journey that she did not realize she was prepared to take. She really did not believe it could get worse, but it did. The personal losses that may have destroyed someone else only made her more determined to keep walking. Stopping was not an option. She had been there before in other events in her life. She was not going down this time.

As she walked, she realized it was not just about her, but an opportunity to represent God to others in the midst of tragedy.

Walking through Fiery Trials is her story of this challenging journey through death and its torment, and faith and its triumph. She shares her heart with gut-wrenching transparency. With a raw, unedited candor, she exposes her weaknesses and how she was able to keep her faith and trust in God as she walked through the fiery trials.

This book will challenge your own faith and the importance of knowing who you really are when your world is shaken.

Amazon Review by Deayna (Florida) A profound look at how resiliency evolves through tragic events. It's during these times that you find out what you are made of, how strong your faith is, and how delicate life can be. This book is a must read. Enjoy!

Amazon Review by J Sweeney (Virginia)

I received this book less than two days ago and I could hardly put it down. Truly a heart-warming story. I have known Mary Pat for two years and have had the opportunity to be a scribe for her during ministry. I remember walking into Pleasant Valley Church and picking up the bulletin to see that her beloved son Dustin had passed away. Then Mary Pat walked up and shared the most amazing scripture. My friend and I just wept for her. Her courage and strength ministered to everyone. She truly has emulated what "trusting God" truly means. This book has taught me the value of learning to grieve and walk out my struggles in a godly way.

Amazon Review by C. Lopez (Miami, Florida United States)

Reading this book keeps you motivated to move through whatever you may be going in your life. I liked how personal it gets and how detailed the description of the characters is, it lets you better imagine them and identify yourself with all that they went through, not only Mary Pat. The book reflects Mary Pat's strong Christian faith, and even though I'm an agnostic, I can relate to her trials and thank her for sharing them, anyone can benefit from reading her story, no matter what your beliefs may be..

Having a Masters from Virginia Tech in Nutrition, I had spent years of my life helping people eat healthy. Yet, none of that knowledge did me any good when I was struggling with anorexia/bulimic and other addictions. I was down to 87 pounds and dying and all that head knowledge was worthless.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across a book called “A More Excellent Way” that I found the missing piece. I regained my health and now was teaching for the ministry that was spawned from it.

“I believe most all food issues have spiritual roots and our nutritional training contains much occultism.” I couldn’t believe I had just blurted that out to my pastor in a Sunday morning service. Yet when those words tumbled out, I knew there was more. I began a quest to find the missing pieces. Biblical Insights to Food is the result of that quest.

You may listen to a radio interview I did recently at:

Enclosed you will find some of the responses I have received. I believe it would be a timely subject for your group as well.

“Appearing healthy” does not always mean the woman has a good self-image. Countless women struggle with trying to meet not only the expectations they have put on themselves but those that they have received as truth from others. With so much emphasis on that “being everything”, it is important that people identify early what is behind their search for attention and perfection.

Please contact me to discuss how I can minister to these deep heart needs.

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