Sunday, August 20, 2017
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We are officially creating footage!!


Thanks to everyone who joined me on the first ever, Creative Footage conference call.  What a blessing each and everyone of you are. I shared a bit about what Creative Footage was and how we are all a part of creating this story in a thing called "our life". I shared a bit of testimony and others did as well. We will push forward and begin to slowly teaching something I call "No shuffling, no pink fuzzy slippers". My cd/dvd on the topic should be out soon and I hope you will enjoy getting a copy! It is for anyone who has experienced anything -haha. Really so many of us have experienced loss, grief , trauma, hopelessness etc that the hope is that the  teaching will help move us out of the stuck place that we may be residing. When I was going through all the trauma of losing my mom and two sons, the main thing I heard from God, was "don't put your tent pegs down in the valley of the shadow of death". I am still "walking through" and as long as we are still walking, the scenery and situation WILL change. Thank you Lord.

I will be letting everyone know where the recording of the calls will be posted. It will probably be either the creative footage website or the conference call hosting service. Stay tuned!

join me in my conference call


Well, I did it. I sent out my first big constant contact email, introducing Creative Footage and all that that means. One of the things I will be doing is a weekly conference call starting Jan 26 at 11am EST. It will be a biblical study, a time for questions, input from others testimonies and anything else the Lord might have in mind. Please join me by signing up for my newsletters. That puts you in my constant contact list and I will send you the  phone info. Looking forward to studying how the Lord is able to "keep us from being like a dog going back to it's vomit". In my language, that meant I was not going back to depression or addictions when faced with fiery trials...I mean really fiery! Please join me.

Social Media, creative footage or overload?


Hi everyone - today I went to a Constant Contact class to try to learn more about email marketing and social networking. The teacher was awesome, the information good but really it just showed me how far behind I am in "doing it right". My prayer always is "God would you please be my marketing director". There is a scripture in 2John and 3JOhn, that says we need to lay down pen and paper and do our business face to face so our joy may be full" (of course that is my paraphrase). That seems to speak loudly to me when everything is Facebook, Twitter and a million other names that pop up as "social media".  I am battling as to whether this is really the way according to 2John or am I just using it as an excuse to avoid learning all this stuff. As always, my  prayer is "God help, I am but dust." Any thoughts from all you spiritual people out there?



Happy New Year to everyone. This is a good time to start "creating footage" and a good time for me to focus on what that really means as well. Each day we have an opportunity to live life and make a difference in our life as well as others. That can be a good difference or one that leaves us either stagnant or pushed back. Some days, all I want to say is whatever" which I realized several months ago was easily becoming my drug of choice. It was like saying "whatever" with a cute smile would keep me from having to make decisions, to not cope or basically disengage from life. I quickly was convicted that it needed to stop. It was simply another coping mechanism that would not work. I chose life today, not always because I want to but because it is God's choice for me. He and He alone decides my breath everyday and for that reason I will try to "create some footage" that makes life a little more enjoyable and hopeful for either myself or someone else.

Job 12:10 - In whose hand is the life of every living thing, And the breath of all mankind.

Deut 30:19 - I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore chose life , that both you and your descendants may live.

About Stillmeadows Cabins


We offer a beautiful 40 acre country venue for all of your wedding, reunion, meeting and special occasion needs.  Two 1885 authentic log cabins provide for a variety of functions as well as a large indoor garden/dining meeting room, a small lake, large covered dock, unique gardens, and a large outdoor area.  Farm animals meander in the surrounding area for that total country atmosphere. Stillmeadows provides a simply rustic setting for all functions to those who desire a budget friendly bit of nostalgia for developing those lifetime memories.

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