Sunday, August 20, 2017
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Biblical Insights to food and related issues


This Teaching exposes the error in much of what is taught about diet and health and compares it to what is found in the bible. This teaching comes out of 25 years of eating disorders and then "managed" eating- in spite of all of the Mary Pat's training.

My education brought "health" or so I thought when in reality it was a slow suicide. The life of eating disorders was the best numbness of any drug or alcohol that I had had been on. It was a very private, hidden addiction that kept me focused on " me, myself and I." (self pity) A lie that was destructive to the REAL relationship with "God, myself and others."

"Appearing healthy" does not always mean we have a good self-image. Countless people struggle with trying to meet not only the expectations they have put on themselves but those that they have received as truth from others. With so much emphasis on that "being everything", it is important to identify early what is behind the search for attention and perfection.

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